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    Asaan Ghar Islamic Finance for Home Purchase

    A new Future in Home Ownership!
  • Purchase

    Asaan Ghar Islamic Finance for Home Purchase

    A new Future in Home Ownership!
  • Purchase

    Asaan Ghar Islamic Finance for Home Purchase

    A new Future in Home Ownership!

What makes Asaan Ghar Islamic Finance for Home Purchase suitable for you?

Fixed Monthly Equal Installment from 3 to 5 years

Aligning with the true spirit of Islamic Finance, our product comes with fixed monthly installment from 3 to 5 years, so that you don’t have any uncertainty about your installment and monthly budget for a longer period and thus have complete peace of mind.

Approval in 96 Hours

After application and legal verification, you will receive our response within 96 hours. You will also receive regular updates and can check status of your application online without visiting our office.

Hassle-Free Paperless Process

We have a paperless process to onboard our customers efficiently. Our limited documentation requirements enable us to serve our customers efficiently in a paperless manner.

Asaan Ghar Islamic Finance for Home Purchase – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This product specifically use for acquisition of residential property. You can avail financing up to 85% of total property value. 

Yes, you can avail Asaan Ghar Islamic Finance. Please contact us with details of your requirement and we will accommodate you.

Click on the Eligibility (link) to know more about eligibility criteria. In a nutshell, your eligibility depends on variety of factors including your family income, credit history or additional financial obligations (if any). Please contact us to get more details.

The full and final list of all required documents is available here. We also understand that proper proof of income is not always available with our self-employed customers, so we find other ways to identify your steady source of income. Apply for home finance today and our dedicated relationship managers will guide you.

Yes, absolutely. All Non-Resident Pakistanis with 6 months banking relationships in Pakistan through Roshan Digital Account will be entertained through Asaan Ghar Islamic Finance.

Yes, absolutely. All Freelancers that are working for at least 5 years and receiving payments through banking channels will be entertained. Please contact us with details of your requirement and we will accommodate you.

Home Purchase PKR. 500,000 to PKR 15 million

As per SECP’s Regulations, only residential property is allowed to be financed under Home Finance product.

You can pay Asaan Ghar Islamic Finance monthly installment through our available online banking solutions including all banks mobile applications, easy paisa, jazz cash etc.

Yes, You can pay up to 25% of total facility value each year without any charges. We encourages our customers to increase long term savings by reducing monthly installments through regular early payments.

We understand that selection of your dream home is a whole family decision and thus we encourages our customers to include spouse or immediate blood relatives (son, father or mother) as co-applicant. We also considers all sources of income while deciding the facility amount and monthly installments.

We are currently not financing under construction properties and only facilitating financing against existing residential property.

Currently, Asaan Ghar Islamic Finance facility is available in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

It takes only 15 working days from customer application to disbursement, concerning all the documents are in order.

Following Early Purchase / Settlement Price will apply:


1st year4.5% of outstanding amount
2nd year3.0% of outstanding amount
3rd year 1.50% of outstanding amount
4th Year onwardsNo charges


Company shall grant some time for payment of the installment. But if there is no reasonable reason for delay in payment of rent after 7 days, then the user shall give charity of Rs.100 per day for which he shall take vow in advance.

Product Structure

The underlying Islamic mode of Asaan Ghar Islamic Finance is Diminishing Musharakah. Diminishing Musharakah (Shirkat ul Milk) is a form of co-ownership in which Asaan Ghar and customer will share in the joint ownership of house in an agreed proportion. It is agreed that one of the co-owners (customer) will purchase, in periodic instalments, the share of the other co-owner (Asaan Ghar) until the ownership of that house is completely transferred to the purchasing co-owner (customer). Furthermore, along with the purchase of share, the co-owner (customer) will also make agreed periodic payments (rent) for the usage of other co-owner’s share (Asaan Ghar) in the asset, till ownership of the asset is completely transferred to the customer.